Geelong Cabinetmakers creating showpieces

Cabinets are mostly a necessity, providing organisation and storage solutions around the home. However, cabinetry is also a stylistic opportunity. Let Geelong Cabinetmakers, Windsor Kitchens create a showpiece for you.

The blog.

Yes. We have the new website but when our Marketing Consultant suggested we do a blog, my eyes glazed over. Really?

So here goes. Welcome to Windsor Kitchen’s first ever blog.

Both James and I love what we do. At School wood work was my thing, from the drawing to the graphics. Back then we used hand tools and I got a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction out of building things. Becoming a cabinetmaker was a natural progression.

It’s exciting that Windsor Kitchens has grown to the point where James Harris has recently come on board as a valuable business partner. Together we have grand plans for Windsor Kitchens including expanding our Moolap premises.


Why use a cabinetmaker?

To make sure you get exactly what you want.

Take the kitchen for example.  It needs to practical with the right balance of cupboards, drawers and bench space to suit your lifestyle. Because over our lifetime, we (ladies AND gents) do tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchens!

Using a cabinet maker means you get a quality product and allows for flexibility. Custom made cabinetry offers a variety of styles, colours and other choices. With the rise of the so called ‘catalogue kitchens’ purchased from large retailers, we often see cases where these mass-produced kitchens end in disappointment upon installation when perception does not match reality.

All we’re saying is beware. Make sure you’re not opening your wallet and digging deep only for it to end in disappointment.

New cabinets.

Cabinets serve different purposes for different people but mostly they are a necessity, providing organisation and storage solutions around the home.

However, cabinetry is also a stylistic opportunity. A chance to create a showpiece.

With the look limited only by your imagination, cabinets can be the piece that transforms an empty space into a living area.


Style is personal. The door style – Shaker, beaded, flat, raised panel, arched – yes we do speak another language!  And, there are variations of this, border frames, no frame, panelling, inset doors. Traditional, modern, classic and everything in between. Door style has a huge impact on the look of your cabinets.


Laminate, melamine, veneer. What’s the difference? The good news is, we can explain all your options and the pros and cons of each on your first visit to our showroom!

With the variety of materials available for cabinetry and benchtops these days, you may be surprised how cost effective that new custom made kitchen really is.

Decisions. Decisions.

Poorly designed cabinetry can be a waste of money and cause you frustration down the track.  A well-designed cabinet however, can last a lifetime.

A good cabinet maker understands the basic requirements for different types of cabinets (kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment units, book cases, display cases) providing design and functionality that is right for you.

Style, functionality and materials combined with other possible design elements — such as cabinet shape, height, added mouldings and benchtop materials — all contribute to the end result.

Lots of decisions need to be made and we’ll admit, it can be daunting.  Until you meet with us that is! We’ll help you through every step of the decision process.

Support Local.

With all our kitchens manufactured in our Moolap, Geelong factory, Windsor Kitchens has been proudly servicing the Geelong region for over 25 years.

When you support your local cabinetmaker, you are supporting small business owners and the next generation of kids we employ and train in our beloved craft.

Windsor Kitchens is an active member of Independent Cabinet Makers (ICM Geelong), a collaboration of cabinetmakers and related suppliers in the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast regions. The group highlights Geelong’s quality cabinetmaking industry for Our Jobs. Our Kids. Our Future.

Yes, you can pick up kitchen cabinets at the large retail store that starts with a letter B and ends in ‘ings’, but …

At Windsor Kitchens, our cabinets are constructed by local professionals, with equipment and experience that has been acquired over a long time.  And the cabinetry you end up with, well, it’s a showpiece.

Until next time,

Peter and James